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        1. Contact us

          Chizhou Handy Trade Co.,Ltd

          NO,8 Building ,Centry Square,Pingtian Lake Scenic Area,Chizhou ,Anhui ,China

          Customer Service:[email protected]

          [email protected]

          Flat mop,spin mop (Art no:CZ-M04)

          Flat mop,spin mop (Art no:CZ-M04)

          Specification (Art no:CZ-M0)

          Des:microfiber mop head with?telescopic,360-degree rotating design

          ?Mop head material:microfiber

          Mop head size :40*9 cm,60*9 cm,90*9 cm available

          Pole material:Iron,Aluminum available?

          Pole size :132 cm


          1,Lightweight and flexible, wear-resistant bacterial

          2,Will not scratch the surface of any clean

          3,360-degree rotating design, can be rotated easily to any corner of the depth