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          Microfiber Twist Cleaning Mop (Art no:CZ-M08)

          Microfiber Twist Cleaning Mop  (Art no:CZ-M08)

          Specification (Art no:CZ-M08)

          Des:microber mop head with stainless pole ,wet/dry usage

          Mop:microfiber with 18 cm length

          Handle:stailess pole with 130 cm length

          Use instruction as follows


          Step 1. Push?down handle to the lowest place,until make it away from the safe lock, mop ground is ok.

          Step 2. Draw back?down handle until make it exceed the lock's top

          Step 3. Turn left the down?handle, meanwhile turn right the upward handle, so you can twist water dry

          Step 4. After twist the cloth head dry, push the downward handle away the lock, after it becomes straight strips, you can mop ground again


          Advise you to replace the mop head every two months, so as to keep best ability for decontamination.



          Step 1. Push the down ?handle away from the lock

          Step 2. After turning over upper cloth, we can see green plastic head inside, then grip it and reel the puiple reinforced plastic tube toward left to take it apart finally

          Step 3. After take apart cloth heads, directly draw them upwards, take them out further

          Step 4. Take out the green handle in the cloth heads, you can replace them afterwards